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Flight Instructor Monthly Trackers Digital Downloads

Flight Instructor Monthly Trackers Digital Downloads

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For the flight instructors that like to plan in advance but aren't sure how to go about it.  Maybe the syllabus isn't working out exactly for you and your student, so you're taking on a more customized approach to their training and need to somehow track their progress. Here are three PDFs that can help both of you stay organized and train efficiently.

Monthly Planner:  Set up your students for success by laying out the game plan for the month. Sit down with them and plan out the priorities, goals, tasks and focus points for the month ahead. You can print this out or keep it digital and share it with your students so they have the bigger picture about their flight training. This way, both of you can stay on track.

Lesson Debriefs: You can fill these out after every lesson as you debrief with your student. Fill it out with them as you discuss the flight and the parameters that were met and the ones that need to be worked on. Write down if they were within +/- 100 ft of their target altitude, +/- 10 knots on their airspeed, etc. Keep it objective and fair, and be clear on what objectives were met and the ones that weren't.

Progress Report: Students are eager to understand everything they're making progress on, as well as areas of improvement. Complete these every month so you both are clear on what areas are going great and what areas need some extra care.

Download includes all three documents. Save them & copy or print as many as you need!

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