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Student Pilot Radio Call Cheat Sheet Digital Download

Student Pilot Radio Call Cheat Sheet Digital Download

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Listen, radios are not everyone's favorite thing to conquer. Everyone talks so fast, there's people talking at once, the aviation lingo can be confusing, I get it.

One thing that always helped me is writing things down.

"But Meghan, I don't even know what to write down."

I've got you covered. This aircraft sheet is big enough to write on, and small enough to fit on your knee board or iPad mini.

It's organized from departure to destination so that everything flows and you've got one less thing to worry about in the air. You can utilize the spaces to write down what ATC says to you, and what you want to say to ATC. 

This is a supplement to your cockpit resource management, you should always strive to aviate, navigate and communicate in that order. Maintain situational awareness at all times and as always, remember to first and foremost FLY THE PLANE. 


Size: 5in x 7in

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