Hey y'all, I'm Meghan. Fancy seeing you here!
I'm a CFI/CFII, dog mom, bonus parent, and amateur yogi. All in all, I'm always striving to learn, try something new, fail, and try again (most of the time, in that order).

I'm a college graduate doing something that's absolutely not related to my degree whatsoever, and I'm having a great time! Is this what I expected? Absolutely not.

I've changed my mind many-a-time about my career. At 8 years old, my first choice was to be a pilot. As I grew older and gained new interests, I started to explore them throughout my life. Now, I've come full circle. Apparently, 8-year-old me knew what she was talking about. I've grown up around aviation thanks to my parents always taking my sister and I to airshows, and my dad is a Private Pilot himself.

I started flight training in mid 2019 and haven't looked back.

Once I became a flight instructor, I started playing around with some graphic design and utilizing it for my students. Long story short, I made numerous study guides and worksheets that I eventually decided to compile into one concept. That is The Aviator's Notebook.

Strangely enough, flight training isn't all about flying. There's a lot of studying that needs to happen on the ground prior to every flight. The Aviator's Notebook will keep your notes organized and efficient, just like the checklist in a plane.

I created The Aviator's Notebook with the intention of making it easier on students (and CFIs) to accomplish their studying on the ground. Ground school may not be your favorite, but this will make it a little less painful.

That's about it. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the content, and if you don't...well...guess you can't win 'em all.

Happy flying!

Student Pilots

Items for student pilots. Flight training is one of the most challenging & rewarding things you can do. Here are some products that will make it a little easier.


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